Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll Stay up with you all night


Leaving Florence at 8:30pm, it's going to be late when we get back to the hotel...it will be about 11:30 or so.  We didn't go see David, but we did see the cathedral.  While at the cathedral we decided to go up to the top of the dome where you could go out on the balcony on the roof...well...first we need some back story...okay, so I am absolutely terrified of heights, as in if I am near a ledge I either pass out, throw up, or run the other direction completely dizzy and unfunctionable.  Now, back to the Cathedral...we decided to go up to the roof.   Everything starts out well, but as we get further up the winding concrete stairs I begin to notice the view out of the random small windows...everything is still fine, and then we get to the walk way that overlooks the inside of the church from the base of the dome arch [the ceiling].  Okay, so i'm trying to be a good sport...I go out to the ledge/walkway, I take a look around and then turned right back around to go down the wrong way, but I stayed there for a min before I did.  [I really wish I had thought to take a quick picture]  Now, some people may say that it's a waste of time to go up all of those stairs just to turn around and go back down before getting to the roof, but at least I tried...I stayed there longer than I ever had before.  So get over it, I'm working on it.  

I've got bigger hands


Ha ha, I couldn't resist this title [reminiscent  of a convo with Sam] 

So, I've missed a day of blogging but not much has happened.  We ended up not going to the show on the 18th instead we went into the city and drank a lot of wine, but we did go the next day.  Nothing really came of it though.  I'm now on a train to Florence.  We decided that since it was raining on our last day here we should try going somewhere that it wasn't raining.  The ride is quiet and really pretty.  Today may be the best day in Italy.  Rilo kiley and Cat Power take the ride to a level of perfection that would otherwise not be achieved.   This really solidifies my want to do a train tour of Europe.  It will happen one day, I'm going to make it a point to do it before I'm 30.  Maybe with a group of friends, maybe family, maybe a little of both, or maybe I'll do it twice, once with each group.  Either way it's going to happen... 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Breaking the rules once I learn the games


It’s raining even harder today…and as it turns out people stare at you funny when you eat breakfast by yourself here in your pajamas [they’re all in business attire since they’re all vendors at the show, im just here to buy from them]  oh, the reason why I ate breakfast by myself…we drank a lot of wine last night, and after about 6 or 7 glasses I might be starting to come around to the idea.  I’ve always wanted to keep wine in my apartment but I never really had a valid reason [except for the fact that girls like it and just having it gives you the appearance of being cultured in this society of ours].  Anyway, no word from my boss yet but it’s only 9:48 and we don’t usually go to the fair until about 10:30 or 11. 

It’s a little cold in my room…maybe it’s time to get dressed.  Hopefully we can make this buying trip worthwhile.  I’m sure if I poked my head out of the window I would find my boss smoking out of hers.  [her room is beside mine] I believe we are planning on meeting with a few companies today but nothing is very promising and is probably over priced.

Apparently HIV is a big problem over here [well at least in Germany] because every other commercial is about preventing it or the spread of it.  Or maybe it’s just that people are more open to helping people that are affected by it instead of trying to ignore the issue.  

You simple-minded mortals make me sleepy


I was woken up by a phone call at 6:30 this morning…well not so much woken up since I was already awake, just not wanting to get up.

So, I got ready for breakfast…

I have 3 hours before I have to be ready for the jewelry fair…basically my job today consisted of walking around the convention center to see if I/we wanted to actually meet with any of the companies…not much popped out at us, and we’ve pretty much decided that buying in Asia is better and cheaper. 

Finding food in this city proves to be a very difficult feat.  We finally found a snack bar that wasn’t too busy and got some pasta.  After about 6 hours of ‘window shopping’  we called it a day, and since it’s raining [still] we have decided to eat at the bar in the hotel [and apparently I am going to learn to like wine]

…this should be interesting…

oh, and the quote of today is “Well, they try things.” [my response to my boss’ inquiry to the female fashion sense here]  

I roam the streets with absolutely no purpose…contrary to my last statement I fell fine


Right so, new hotel is in the middle of nowhere.  When I say nowhere I mean there is nothing here.  I think there’s one restaurant in walking distance and everything else is an hour away.  There is literally nothing to do.  We tried to go into town, but after waiting and hour for a bus [that never came] we gave up.  Now I’m watching mtv in german…the commercials are actually very funny, and the music is quite good.  And now its raining so there will be no walking around.  Looks like an early night…good thing since breakfast is at 7.

The only lips I wanna see are the ones that sing

On todays water taxi…oh, wait I should start with breakfast…so, I finally made it down in time for breakfast during which [much like the rest of the week]  I had the opportunity to practice my Italian [as well as my French and German, interchangeably] It works wonderfully since everyone understands all three, and since I only know a little of each.  Anyway, I had toast, juice, and really great coffee…meanwhile J came through to say bye and to tell me to have a safe trip.  Its sort of strange how my only contact in Venice was a straight boy.  I have now checked out of my room with my magical luggage in tow…looking back it was actually really nice not to have had to carry it to the hotel, kind of like my own personal delivery service [that I never want to use again]  Okay, back to the water taxi, which I am currently riding.  I met a new couple and oddly enough they are from Atlanta [Toco hills area]…and my foot has gone numb…

Its going to take an hour to get to the airport, and these two creep me out.  The husband [we’ll call him stripy shirt man] tends to just stare at me after I say something, which makes me uneasy and then even I start to feel as though I was meant to say something more.  Its an odd feeling and I don’t really like it, so I’ve moved from the aisle seat over to the window with my bags between us.  Creating my own comfort zone.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning…I literally jumped out of bed because my phone decided that I needed to get up.  I was confused and trying to figure out if it was 4:30 Atlanta time or Venice time, but I quickly decided that it would be absurd for it to be Atlanta time since that would make it 10:30 am here and it was still dark out.  Then I saw that I had messages and suddenly had a reason to stay awake. 

This boat is oddly comforting and the random shuffle of songs on my ipod seems to fit the experience. 

While waiting for my boss’ plane to arrive…I was amazed at how many people ran back through the No Entry doors just to be escorted back out by an armed guard…it was amazing.

Driving in Italy [well, riding] is kind of like roller derby in high speed vehicles….rules, merely a suggestion…lane lines, apparently just there for a rather large connect the dots game…not for regular use.  

If I lose, If I lose you

Holy crap…happy day.  My luggage magically appeared in my room tonight.  No more washing clothes in my sink.  The only problem is that I can’t open it, they have put a locking twist tie thing on the zippers.  I guess I’m going to have to ask the front desk for a knife or something to cut it open.  It’s weird though I was downstairs the whole time and they didn’t tell me. 

So, as soon as I saw my bag I was instantly starving…I hadn’t eaten in a few days due to anxiety.  When I ventured down to the lobby to go to a restaurant I saw J again [he had just come in for work].  I stopped to talk for a min, and since I had my camera with me we took a picture. [but he confused the poor old couple that took it for us, they thought that he wanted a picture of them…they apparently have myspace too… it was al very funny] With all confusion aside we finally got a picture.  Then after we planned my morning departure I headed off to get a pizza.  It was so good…I ate like I hadn’t eaten in days [J] there was an instant gratification from this meal.  It felt nearly like a ladytron night [nearly].  I was sitting there with a smile but when I looked up there was no one to return it.  It doesn’t change the fact that I’m happy but it makes me miss you just the same.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I like my new bunny suit

I’ve done a lot today.  I went to the Palazzo Grassi, the Gallerie Dell’Accademia, and the rialto bridge.  I bought a few things things for people today, I’m trying to get more into the spirit of things and not think about my lost luggage [which is still mia].  I mean I’m in Venice, and if I wash my one change of clothes every night I’m fine [by wash I mean hand wash in my bathroom sink]…it kind of sucks but you learn to deal.  I’m now taking a mid-day break in the lobby since I have pretty much walked the entire island.  I keep debating on what I want to eat, but I keep getting stuck on the fact that people choose to eat at the McDonalds instead of the other surrounding restaurants that cost about the same.  I don’t really understand it.

I’m really tired but I know a nap now will keep me up all night again.  So, I’m just sitting here watching the people walk by the hotel, and reading a book while I cool off.  A vast majority of people that pass are girls holding hands, which just makes me miss being home. 

This city is an interesting mix of tourists and people living their everyday lives.  The locals always seem to be in a hurry while everyone else is just strolling along.  I love how everyone here knows at least 3 languages.  America is so isolated it doesn’t occur to anyone to learn anything else. 

…so, I ended up taking a nap before my 2 o’clock [eastern  standard time US, home time] chat date.  I may regret this in about 2 hours when I try to go to sleep…. 

...oh good news, my ipod is over its fit and works again

Oh what a night…

Since I couldn’t sleep I went downstairs to the lobby to buy some Internet time.  I apparently took the guy at the desk by surprise.  He was outside smoking when I approached the desk, when he saw me he stopped everything and said, “my heart is beating so fast, you are so beautiful” [or something to that affect].  Then he said a few things in Italian.  It was all very strange for 1-4 in the morning.  I bought 2 hours of internet time, but some how ended up with 3.  Which was wonderful since it gave me more time to talk online and post some blogs.  But this isn’t where the strangeness ends.  When the guy at the desk [we’ll call him J] saw that I had a mac he went into this long story about how he paid $2000 to have one shipped to him, but it never came.  So, I went to the other room and started chatting, and few mins later J came into the room and asked if I wanted some tea.  In the process he saw that my myspace page on the screen and got really excited because he is on myspace too.  Out of curiosity I searched for his page [he gave me his email address so I could find it] since he was a nice guy and an interesting story I added him as a friend. But it was a little strange when I heard my profile song from the other room.  He seemed very impressed with my music and movie lists which led to a short discussion about Japanese cinema [its apparently his favorite].  He said that he could never compile a list like that since it is too boring to do something like that [I’m not really sure how I should take that].  Just keep in mind that through all of this I am trying to get in as much online chat time that I can.  [it was soothing my bad day, and calming me down]  With this said J started realizing that I wasn’t giving him full attention so he periodically would go back to his desk in the other room.  At some point, probably around 4, a guy came in and asked J to call one of the female guests, but when the guy tried to go upstairs J said that he would have to pay if he was going to stay the night.  This didn’t go over well, so the guy said that he only needed an hour [which really means…this is a booty call].  J was going to allow it, but only if he left an id with him.  He apparently didn’t have one on him so he got frustrated and left. [somewhere in this process the girl called down to see what was taking so long, the whole thing really only took about 5 mins] 

By the end of the night I had gained a map and a new plan for the upcoming day.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Constants aren’t so constant

So, ending my first day in Venice…it turns out that the group of older couples’ hotel is directly across from mine. Needless to say, in a day of consistent disappointment, I found my hotel [and theirs] with no complications. After dumping the little bit of stuff that I have in my room, I had a wonderful walk around the Piazza and its surrounding streets. I took a few pictures and then took a nap. This city is beautiful, but would be more enjoyable with someone to share it with.
My plan for tomorrow: GET MY LUGGAGE, and then play at the Grand Canal.
…and my ipod has decided to freeze…

I have dreams of Orca whales

Hahaha…well, I spoke too soon about not having any complications or hassles.  It seems they have put my luggage on a different plane, and they said it will hopefully be here tomorrow.  Luckily I packed a change of clothes and shower stuff in my carry on bag.

I slept very little on the plane, but I’m wide awake for some reason.  After leaving the help desk I have decided to take the water taxi/bus to Piazza San Marco to my hotel, it’s about an hour ride and I get to see the other islands.  While I was waiting to board the boat a few fellow plane passengers [who also lost their luggage, on the same flight] approached me and began asking me questions about the water bus and how to get to the Piazza [and to their hotel].  Now, I’ve seen a few maps of the city but I’ve never actually done this in person [which I explained to him] but none the less his wife [named Marie of all things] decided that they will be following me.  So, not only am I responsible for myself, but I am now leading a group of older couples through a country I’ve never been to with no luggage and a faltering hope pf a place to sleep tonight.  Hopefully all will end well…oh, and without a map.

I wonder if you think of me while you’re hanging in New York

Oh my…its my biggest nightmare stuck between two chatter boxes for 18 or so hours. The first comment out of Marcy’s mouth was “if it wasn’t for her [me] I would really enjoy these seats.”
…Unfortunately they’re related, mother and daughter [Marcy] of the previous generation. They are going on a cruise…go figure.
The lay over in New York was mostly uneventful, I spent the majority of it on the phone trying to calm the storm. Even though it has just begun, I’m starting to have my doubts…I’m just hoping that my hotel reservations workout.
I feel like I’m being watched over sitting between these two. They keep asking if I want things, and I just want to sleep.
I feel like I should be home this week, there’s just so much going on that I need to take care of.
It occasionally smells like mothballs and citrus gum, but only on my right side where Marcy’s mother is sitting.


Just to take you on an airplane ride

As I arrive at Hartsfield I have random pangs of anxiety.  I know i've done this a thousand times before, but there is always the chance of complication. 
Why does it always feel like the boarding gate line is leading you to slaughter? It's a strange phenomenon- the gathering of groups of people in an airport- no one is ever happy about it and all common courtesy goes out the window.  I'm just happy to get through these things without hassle. 
It never fails...planes always smell like sweat and coffee, but surprisingly the older gentleman next to me doesn't have hair growing out of his ears.  Ever since i was 7 and beginning to fly by myself, i always ended up next to old man hairy ears.  It's good to find some change in life.  
-Expect Delays- before we can even take off on the first leg of this trip, we suddenly arrive back at the gate so we can 'fix' something.  Which usually just means- we need to figure out how to turn this indicator light off.  No biggy, we're just an hour late already.
...Scratch that, 2 hours late