Monday, September 22, 2008

that's not my name

ahh, so its off to new lands again. Lets see again i have been neglecting this page and not updating anyone on what I have been up to. I guess the luster has dulled a bit on this toy, but I digress.

While in HK not much happened I didn't really have any time to go galavanting around as I usually do. oh, except for the whole boss tackling the old man thing, apart from that not much happened. Okay, so I guess I should tell the story then. We were walking past the small group of people protesting the Jewellery fair, on the way to the MTR, when an old man basically runs my boss over. Well, everything might have been fine if we didn't see this man again but when we got to the ticket counter he was waiting at the window. So, in order to get to the second window you have to pass through a roped off section that passes the first window...well, instead of letting well enough alone she decided that barreling through him would be the best revenge. I really do think that he may have left at least half his face on the window. By the end of this debacle we end up on the wrong train since she was too amused with the result to function properly. Other than this not much happened in the HK.

Now, in Thailand, thats very different begin the trip we first had to get on a plane, I don't know if anyone reading has every flown on srilankan air but I don't suggest it, not in the least. The plane on take off shook so violently that I thought the whole thing would burst into a million pieces. It was quite possibly one of the scariest moments in my life thus far.

The second day, sunday, we went to the weekend market in Mo Chit. I've been to quite a few markets but non of this size and chaos. It seemed as though we might have a quiet (well as quiet as markets go) day but as soon as 12pm hit it was one of the most chaotic places i've ever been. Most foreigners were buying shirts with thai phrases that they couldn't read, or things that they deemed and "crazy thai" objects. Meanwhile, I'm following my bosses around (who are really doing the same previously mentioned things), that have been here before, just observing the culture clash that comprised the market.
Since we had walked around for several hours, we decided go get rubbed on. The thai massage is definitely an experience in itself. I opted to just get a foot and leg massage while one of my bosses (male) went for a full body massage. My boss chooses not to partake in the accustomed happy ending of the massage but there were a few men that came down that had clearly taken part.

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