Saturday, June 21, 2008

show me, show me, show me how...

much like any other country that has housed the olympic games china is all a buzz about the opportunity, so much so that fights and angry mobs have affected the torch race.  this information and topic is all over the news here, but i learned that it made it safely to tibet yesterday.  [I really want to go to tibet before it is overly influenced by the chinese government] There is also an abundance of little anime style olympic figures everywhere you turn...even at the jewelry fair there were little jade figures for the olympics being mass produced and available for mass order.  

Speaking of mass production... i was sitting at lunch yesterday and these two [identical] black boats went speeding by, and i thought to myself that this can't be a regular person's boat [they looked too put together and expensive]....and then I started thinking about how it would be interesting to get a behind the scenes look at the military stuff they might have...bc you know they have access to a lot of high tech stuff and the man power to produce it quickly. 

anyway, when we got to the show yesterday.... I went to open my water bottle [which actually had coke in it] and the lid shot 20ft in the air with a really loud bang [there was no fizz and no mess just a lot of noise], but everyone just carried on about their business as though nothing had even happened [which also fuels the scary war machine theory in my head].  One would think that a loud bang would elicit some sort of response, but the fact that it didn't sparks the notion that people just expect there to be loud gun like noises at any given time.  

oh, and we had dinner with scary food people but as i am out of time for the moment i will have to talk about that later.  

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