Friday, June 20, 2008

just run with me through rows of speeding cars

speaking of italians...the loud rude ones that are staying at my hotel got yelled at last night for having a business meeting in the breakfast lounge last night.  [only e-club rooms can be down here and their guests aren't even staying at the hotel] It was really funny. 

anyway, I went to the night market last night...I couldn't justify buying anything, but now that i've thought about it a little more I think i should have bought those few things that caught my eye.  I guess i'll have to just go back tonight or tomorrow night and get them.  

so far the show is going well and we are buying a lot of great product. We have two more big meetings but we've already gotten a lot and don't really need much more...i guess more is better than not enough though [oh how economy and consumption baffles me sometimes, I think the trends and patterns of the mass market are funny though] everyone has to have the newest thing and then a week later its something completely different.  It's an easy thing to see when you are the one doing the buying for the propulsion  of these trends, or even if you are buying just to keep up with them.  The thing is, I get to see the trend before it becomes big and thats really strange to me....its almost like making a snow globe.  you put all the right ingredients in and then set it down on the table, the trend spreads but only when you shake it up a bit, and then shortly after everything settles until you do it all over again.  

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