Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've got bigger hands


Ha ha, I couldn't resist this title [reminiscent  of a convo with Sam] 

So, I've missed a day of blogging but not much has happened.  We ended up not going to the show on the 18th instead we went into the city and drank a lot of wine, but we did go the next day.  Nothing really came of it though.  I'm now on a train to Florence.  We decided that since it was raining on our last day here we should try going somewhere that it wasn't raining.  The ride is quiet and really pretty.  Today may be the best day in Italy.  Rilo kiley and Cat Power take the ride to a level of perfection that would otherwise not be achieved.   This really solidifies my want to do a train tour of Europe.  It will happen one day, I'm going to make it a point to do it before I'm 30.  Maybe with a group of friends, maybe family, maybe a little of both, or maybe I'll do it twice, once with each group.  Either way it's going to happen... 

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