Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll Stay up with you all night


Leaving Florence at 8:30pm, it's going to be late when we get back to the hotel...it will be about 11:30 or so.  We didn't go see David, but we did see the cathedral.  While at the cathedral we decided to go up to the top of the dome where you could go out on the balcony on the roof...well...first we need some back story...okay, so I am absolutely terrified of heights, as in if I am near a ledge I either pass out, throw up, or run the other direction completely dizzy and unfunctionable.  Now, back to the Cathedral...we decided to go up to the roof.   Everything starts out well, but as we get further up the winding concrete stairs I begin to notice the view out of the random small windows...everything is still fine, and then we get to the walk way that overlooks the inside of the church from the base of the dome arch [the ceiling].  Okay, so i'm trying to be a good sport...I go out to the ledge/walkway, I take a look around and then turned right back around to go down the wrong way, but I stayed there for a min before I did.  [I really wish I had thought to take a quick picture]  Now, some people may say that it's a waste of time to go up all of those stairs just to turn around and go back down before getting to the roof, but at least I tried...I stayed there longer than I ever had before.  So get over it, I'm working on it.  

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